Saturday, October 16, 2010

happy drugs.

I never did drugs in high school, or college. ya know in that wild stage of life- but I am thinking now that I missed something incredible! Another 26 hour stay in the hospital and so far:

  • got a diagnosis of Papilladema and/or Pseudotumor Cerebri (shame on you blogger, these words are spelled correctly)
  • got 2 morphine injections which made me try to scratch my skin off in the middle of the night, apparently I am allergic from coming off that stuff. 
  • 3 MRI's
  • 3 pokes for a lumbar puncture
  • got migraines once back at home and got super naseaus
  • had to take Zofran and Vicoden. Feeling guilty for taking the Zofran, that stuff was gold in a pill form while I was pregnant and here I was popping them back like no tomorrow (as in following the dosage correctly)
  • back to the ER. in 20 hours before actually seeing a Neurologist. 
  • they gave me some crazy drug that I cant remember but I felt like my head was not attached to my body, it was a nice change from the feeling of it exploding out my eyes. I was lucky to get it 2 more times on my stay. 
  • Neurologist promptly said my charts make no sense to her and that the diagnosis's from earlier in the week are wrong. I dont have high pressure problems, I have LOW pressure problems
  • Yet she wants me to keep taking the diuretic which keeps pressure low. huh say wha?
  • gave me a back brace (to keep pressure up) for a normal sized person so obviously it doesnt fit me, my boobs are at my chin and I cant go potty with it on
  • liquid diet for 26 hours=grumpy Lauren
  • hubs on business trip, my son doesnt like me anymore cause hes been shuffled from place to place.
  • got cabin fever so I walked around the floor in my gown, dragging my IV pole behind me so I could see something other than the popcorn ceiling above my hospital bed.
  • they also gave me an IV of CAFFEINE. and I went to sleep. go figure, 1 diet coke keeps me up all night long
  • I sound like a drug addict so with that I will say good night, I also took a vicoden to keep the headache at bay and its taking its toll.
Before I go, I've seen some VERY cute pages and sample cards so far in our HM challenge. Dont forget to link up here  Remember entries must be in by Oct 19th at midnight! Happy scrapping.


Lindy Leigh said...

What will they do for it? Does it require surgery or drugs forever or what? Do you have someone taking care of you and Ryan still?

I like that the one says it can be caused by being a very over weight woman :) What are you hiding under your skinny jeans?


rebecca marie said...

The drug that made your head disconnect was Delotted :) and you were itchy like CRAZY within minutes.

Glad your home mama

Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

Wow. Sounds absolutely crazy...and not fun. Hope you are doing better...or at least getting on the path to being better! Wish there was something I could do to help! Let me know if there is!

Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

Oh no! That doesn't sound like fun.. so sorry you're going through all of this! You do kinda sound like an addict, but whatever helps!! ;-)
Hope you start feeling better, soon!

Lindsay Blogs said...

I am so sorry that you are stuck dealing with this. I hope they can get you taken care of soon!

Cami said...

Lauren, that sounds so awful! I hope you get feeling better soon and that the doctors are able to find a solution that works well for you. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Rozalynn and Mitch said...

oh my goodness you are going through so much stuff... you are way tough! I hope those doctors can figure out what's going on, that doesn't soundto fun!

Mommie Daze said...

Vicoden is my drug of choice. Only when prescribed of course. It makes me giddy. Hubs calls it my "happy pills." I'm allergic to morphine too. Make me itch like crazy! I hope they get this all straightened out, and you're feeling better soon.

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