Friday, October 22, 2010

{friday confessional}

  • I havent gotten out of my sweats in almost 2 weeks so when I got dressed today to visit my lovely doctor it felt weird
  • so of course I have also gone without a bra for the last while, these ladies are so small I dont need much support. I even went to the park yesterday without one on- dont worry I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt
  • this morning I forgot how to put make up on and botched my mascara pretty bad
  • I havent shaved my legs in two weeks. the hair is starting to get soft and curly like man legs
  • I havent done my hair either, I think it will be permanently stuck in a messy bun on the top of my head
  • I am stinky
  • oh yes its all kinds of sexy at my house
  • this woman thing is hard work!


Ty, Steph, & Bristol said...

I love ya...and you make me feel better:p

Shawntae said...

hahaha. I'm like this everyday! Why would one shave their legs in the fall winter?? haha

Laura said...

Oh dear! Why shave in pants weather!?!? Hee hee!

Penny said...

Cashmere panty hose :0 home grown baby!

Anonymous said...

I could have written almost all of those. Not the bra one though; after two babies mine need some serious support!

AmyLee said...

ha! this cracked me up. i had a dream last night that i went somewhere public & forgot to put on a bra but i was wearing a light t-shirt & people were looking at me disgustingly. haha, maybe i should start putting a bra on more frequently... nah.
OK, you should TOTALLY come up for the next bloggy meet-up. it's gonna be a little further south next time (tacoma maybe?) so we will let you know!

Sydney said...

hahaha! These confessions are the BEST. I feel ya sister. Even though I get dressed, I only shave my legs once a week! ugh...terrible! Poor husbands

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