Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my itty bitty man child

Tonight I am a worried mama. Ryan isnt growing.. at all. He hasnt grown an inch or gained an ounce in months and he is making me super stressed out! He is still only 20 lbs! 

He wont drink milk at all which isnt helping. I have tried everything! Making a smoothie with whole milk and frozen fruit, 1%, warm, cold, in a sippy, in a cup, I have even tried "starving" him out and taking away his sippies with water in them, he got really dehydrated and cranky but still wouldnt drink it! He is so stubborn.

When he was little I gave him bottles with mommy milk that I pumped but after 3 months he was done with that. I bought every bottle under the sun and still he wouldn't take it unless he nursed. He is so stubborn. So I wouldnt mind pumping still and giving him milk that way but he wont come near it.. weirdo.

So dear friends, when you ask me if I am done nursing and I say yes.. I am lying to you. (that probably should have been a friday confessional) Yes I know he is practically old enough to drive a car but its the only way he will get the milk he needs and so its super hard to take that away. If he would drink normal milk I would stop in a second. I only nurse him every other day or so but I feel like I am helping a little bit.                            So sorry friends I hope you forgive me. 

Other than that he is sleeping A LOT. Which is super out of the ordinary for him. He goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up around 9:30.. there have even been days where he doesnt wake up til 10. He is also back to taking 2 long naps everyday. Its great for me, I am finally catching up on the sleep I havent got the last 15 months but  it also makes me super worried that something is wrong.

He is still his happy smiley self but not all the time. He is way more mellow these days. Maybe I am just over reacting but I called his ped's nurse today and she sounded worried as well. I will have to take him in this week to get checked out. 

I hope my baby is ok. 

In other news.... He sleep walks. Well it would be sleep walking if he wasnt in a crib but last night I brought him into our bed around midnight and he was so silly. He would sit up and crawl around and then just fall back on the bed. He also started to laugh super hard a few times. He was clearly still asleep it was crazy! He just giggled and moved around so much. Then he would sit up and stare at me but no lights were on. He was totally out of it. Crazy kid he is staying in a crib til hes 10.


Chelsea said...

I hope he is ok!! Its totally fine to nurse still, no need to feel bad or apologize, I think its great :) I remember around that time, Bens stayed the same size forever, and it didn't seem like he gained much at all for awhile....I am sure your ryan will hit a spurt here sooN!!

michelle said...

There are other ways to get the nutrients that one gets from cream, cheese, yogurt, calcium fortified orange juice.......and other foods your nurse can fill you in on. Extra sleeping usually means they're growing......just wait overnight he will sprout an inch. It is worrisome though.....especially with your 1st......I remember when Dan would fall asleep on the way home from daycare and sleep straight thru to the next morning (totally missing dinner).

Kandace Lewis said...

I know it's scary to think your kid's not growing much but both Leila and Eva hardly grew between their 12 month and 18 month doctor appointments. I think we get use to them growing so dang fast that first year that it's hard for us to accept that it's normal for their growth to slow way down at this age. You're right to see the doctor but as long as they don't find anything and he's eating, sleeping, and playing with his usually energy then I'm sure he's going to be just fine. :)

Lindy Leigh said...

You and your husband aren't big people :) Just see what the doctor says...and no worries about nursing. You keep it up if he needs it. But again...listen to your doctor.

Stef said...

It sounds like you are doing the right things. Kids have growth spurts. I bet he is fine! Kids have their own growing ideas.

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