Monday, November 15, 2010

day 6

Something you hope you never have to do.

Somewhere there is a part of us that hopes every day that, no matter what, our kids will outlive us. It's a parent's greatest unwritten plea.

I hope I never have to bury a child. I hope to watch my children grow to be old. I hope that I get to see them graduate high school, serve church missions, get married, have babies, and their babies have babies. I want to rock my great grandchildren and sing "you are my sunshine." And then when I am grey and wrinkled, when I have lived all the life I have to live here on this earth I hope that they will be there to hold my hand as I pass.

My heart breaks for those who have lost children. The Sullenger family comes to mind first. And through their loss they have come closer to God and really found out who they were. They were able to see all the good in the world. Their strength amazes me and many others. 


Mandy said...

That is one my my biggest fears, too. I would be devastated to lose one of my children. Hopefully we'll never have to experience that kind of loss. But if we do, at least we know that our faith will strengthen us and get us through it. Thank goodness for eternal families! :-)

AmyLee said...

wow, what a well written short & to the point post. i think burying a child is every parent's biggest fear. i bawl every time i read one of ashley's posts... both out of heartbreak & out of amazement of her strength!

ditto mandy on the eternal families comment!

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