Monday, June 3, 2013

4 | happy birthday Ryan

31 lbs
3 feet 2.5 inches tall


My sweet boy, my monkey man, my super hero. You are FOUR. You are amazing and I can't believe we have had you in our lives this long. I can't remember what my life was like before you. You are my world and I love it.

Four might be my favorite age so far- just don't mention that to Weston ;) You are the perfect amount of independent and dependent. You can get up in the morning and get some breakfast and play a bit on your own. You are can put on your own shoes and buckle your car seat. But you still let me carry you and want me to cuddle with you before bed every night. You still take naps and want me to help brush your teeth. I also want to shout from the roof tops despite the fact that this will embarrass you when you are older- you are TOTALLY potty trained. You started #1 on the toilet when you were 18 months old, it wasn't until after your 3rd birthday that you decided to wear underwear full time. Well it wasn't until last week you when you thought it would be okay to take care of your #2 business on the potty instead of in a diaper while you slept. Thank heavens that is taken care of, we all feel so liberated! We have had many celebrations and I cried happy tears. SO proud of you dude.

You are a good friend and a good brother, you take care of everyone around you. You help out and make sure everyone is happy! Weston looks up to you so much and you are learning how to make good choices so he can grow up having a great example. Keep up the good work!

You are about to wrap up your first year of preschool! I can't even believe it. You are almost reading and counting to 100. You love science and math and always bring home the best art projects. Our goal is to have you reading books on your own by the end of the year, you are so ready for it! It has been so great to watch you blossom. You were super nervous about being at school and it was great that Miss Kim would text me with updates and pictures as to how you were doing. I loved when I got a message that you played with someone else, that you talked a ton turning lunch time, and that you DANCED. You dance at home all the time but it took a while for you to be comfortable with dancing around other people. I am happy with the growth you have been making there it is so fun to watch.

Along with dancing you sing. All the time. About everything. You make up songs about power rangers and monsters, you sing to your food, and to your brother. We love it. You recently decided that you love beat boxing as well. After watching it on tv and hearing it on the radio you were hooked. I made a beat boxing station on pandora for you!

Your best friends are still Yia Yia and daddy. I know I am in there somewhere ;) but I am glad you love other people too since the first year it was all about mama time. You love papa and mimi and papi too! Grandparents are a huge part of your life. We talk to one of them pretty much every day and see them all regularly. You are so blessed to have them close and to have a strong relationship with them. Daddy and I both grew up close with our grandparents and it is important to us that you and your brother have the same thing. 

My favorite things about you are your laugh, your dimple that is just like mine, the way you say good morning every morning on my side of the bed, the way you say lellow (yellow) your love for your taggy, the way you still like me to cuddle with you, our talks in the car and over lunch, your love of sunshine and fresh air, that you want to start going on runs with me, your deep love of restaurants and target, the way you say your prayers and help out in class at church, your logic and 2 cents about everything, everywhere, all the time, the fact that you are still a little timid of new things and take your time, how you want to grow your hair out "long like the other Ryan at school" your fondness of personal hygiene and the way you dress, and your sweet but fire cracker personality.

I am so excited to see what this year hold for you little man! You are one incredible kid and I thank Heavenly Father daily that he trusts me to raise you right. We love you!


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