Monday, July 19, 2010

Friday confessional + Mommy moment monday = this blog post

Yay for me I can do math..

I confess that I left my baby boy home alone (and I mean with his daddy) all weekend long! I got lucky enough to have AWESOME girlie friends to go to the beach with :) I also confess that I cried a lot on friday and a lot of those tears were cause I was so sad to be without him. In 14 months the longest I had been apart from his was about 8 hours or so, that that was only a handful of times. Other than that we pretty much spend all our time together which is awesome. I nursed him for the last time ever right before I left and said my good-byes!
Next I confess that as soon as I got in the car I was ELATED! holy crap a whole weekend with just adults, a purse instead of a diaper bag, REAL jewelery that I cant ever normally wear, sleeping in, and being able to just leave the hotel in a seconds notice cause I didnt have to grab snacks, sippy cup, extra diapers/wipes, all the toys of the moment, stroller... the list goes on. All I had to worry about was ME! It was so much fun I needed it so bad and I am lucky to have a hubs that gets that.
Lastly I confess that by Sunday morning I was ready to go home, I missed my baby boy and my big boy, I missed sloppy kisses and tripping over toys, I missed hearing DADA even though I want it to be MAMA. I missed cutting up hot dogs into little, safe pieces. I missed the smell of his nasty doggy blanket that reminds me of morning breath. It was the best when I got home that night and he wrapped his arms around me and patted me on the back and wouldnt let go.

Now its mommy moment monday. Today I was really tired from my party weekend and Ryan was SUPER fussy and freaking out like a lion on the discovery channel chasing and then eating a poor zebra or something. He had a very hard day not nursing and it was a crazy wreck at my house. He wanted like oxygen but like I said above.. we are DONE. And so in true crazy mommy fashion I thought for a moment.....

Wow it would be nice to get away for a little about now. 

I cant win but I sure do love the kid


Ben & Jen said...

I love it sis. I felt the same way when I left goose for a week to go to Puerto Rico, then compound it when I leave her on her birthday to go to Cancun! However, we SO need those mommy times. The great thing is, the kids will forgive, and we come back better mommies.

Thanks for posting. Love you!

Cami said...

Good for you for sticking with it and not nursing Ryan. It can be hard those first few days with a super cranky kid, but hopefully he'll get over it quickly and be a happy kid again!

Kayli Sue said...

Breaks make better mommies! That's for sure!! I'm glad that you had fun!!!

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