Wednesday, October 13, 2010

still breathing

What a whirl wind of a week and its only Thursday. If you have been reading for a while now you know of my headache problems and visits to the Neurologists office (if not get caught up here) So Tuesday night my Neuro's office calls to tell me that I need to come if first thing in the morning. 3 phone calls and 2 voice mails with in 10 min of each other. Why not just tell me that my life will end tomorrow instead- that would probably be less stressful on a girl.
9:45 am and driving to the office, got my cute shoes on and saying a prayer all for good luck and when sweet Dr. Samuel walked in I knew that the day was not going to be rainbows and cupcakes. She said that she had been worried about me and the fact that insurance still hadnt cleared me for the 2 more MRI's I needed. So she saw it fitting to admit me to the nearby hospital for 24 hours. While I was there I would be having the MRI's and a spinal tap. This was all to be happening today. As in right now, no I could not go home to gather my things. I needed to be there 5 min ago. Sheesh, lets add on the stress. So after wicked sweet talking and convincing on my part they at least let me go home and check on monkey and change into sweats. Mostly I went home to grab my laptop. I had way to much blog reading to catch up on not to take advantage of this mandatory chill time.
11:00 am check into hospital, and put on a super sexy one size fits all gown and sprawled out on my hospital bed, I was going to make myself as comfortable as possible.
Everything from here on out gets hazy I was so out of it. I remember wanting Edward style hearing because I swear the conversations at the nurses station were so crazy. I wish I could have heard what they were really saying about me and my brain. I asked for a sedative for the MRI, I was going to be in that tube for an hour I might as well get some good sleep. Problem was that I kept having weird dreams from the drugs so I would startle awake and move which is a big fat no-no. The scans came back clean!
1,2, 3 times the charm was how it went with my spinal tap, after crawling into a little ball and yoga breathing while they stabbed me in the back, they couldnt get any fluid. Twice. So then it was up to x ray where they could see what they were doing. I remember the nurse telling me sometimes they will hit a nerve going in and it will feel tingly. HA HA HA. It was more like a bolt of high power electricity going down my butt cheek. Twice. It was the craziest/weirdest feeling ever. So they let some of the fluid drain because the pressure was high and tested it for infection (came back clean) I got put on a prescription that helps manage the spinal/cerebral fluids and hopefully my eyes will start to cooperate and my headaches will go away.
It could have been so bad I am just glad to be home and to be somewhat healthy. Poor Ryan is so sad mommy cant hold him today, I cant get out of bed or lift anything over a pound, I am SO sore.

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Jency and Joey said...

Ahh you are so brave. I was praying nothing was wrong!

Shawntae said...

I'm so glad you were okay! I worried about you! HOpefully this medicine will help you out.

Love you!

Sydney said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all this! That's terrible! Glad to hear you're ok though...and get better quickly girl! Grow some boobs while your at it k? That'll make everything better. ;)

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