Thursday, May 13, 2010

Almost Friday

i have been thinking about this all day :)

this is round 2. after reading round 1 i realized i sounded very grumpy. i got some sleep. lets try this again

*I vacuum alot. it always happens at weird times of the day, mostly really late at night. Its therapeutic

* I also move my piles of stuff around when I am stressed. I say move piles cause I dont have enough room in our tiny apartment to be truly organized.

* I never eat the last bite of anything! I have no good reason why, just dont 

*I forgot sun screen today and poor little ryan now looks like a tomato. darn that big bald head of his

*I hate dishes. they will sit in the sink for days.

* I am really bad at sending cards and gifts. I never do it. ever. I feel really bad about it but I guess not enough to change ;)

* I am very very grateful for when I receive cards and gifts in the mail

* Maybe I will try harder

* Just found out the the apartment complex we live at has a gym! wasted 5 months of awesome work out time.

* however its Thursday night and I have only gone once this week

* I crave sunshine. I feel like my little herb's who will stretch nice and tall to reach the sun rays. 

* I think I have built up a tolerance of my deodorant. brad says this is normal, i wonder if he is just trying to be nice

* my baby will be 1 in less than a week and sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me happy

* I think he is cutter than some kids out running errands or at the grocery store

* I am really bad at curling my hair, its embarrassing

* I have had polish on my toes since I was 8 or so. non stop.

* Yesterday I tried to wear red lip stick. not so good with my coloring, we will stick to pinks 

* I LOVE pink. so much that one time I put Ryan in a pink dress just to see what he would look like as a girl

feeling good now...... your turn ;)


Kayli Sue said...

haha I love this confessional! It's my favorite you've done so far! I totally check out other kids too when I'm shopping and think, "My son is sooo much cuter than that!" I thought it was only me! Glad to know I have a friend in that department.

Ps. I think your kid is ADORABLE!

Jency and Joey said...

Haha aw I miss you

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