Wednesday, June 20, 2012

placeholder, rambling, and the likes

I have so many drafts and lists of things I want to write about. I am just going to ramble for a while because I need a place to let it all go right now.

Its 2:00 am and I will be greeted by two very energetic and needy (of course cute too!) children bright and early in the morning. I wish I could sleep but I am just totally wired.

Car repairs. bahhhhhhhh. nuff said.

Really need to clean the house, like deep clean/white glove.

The biggest stress of all is Ryan's health. I have been thinking he was still struggling with reflux because he wakes up in the middle of the night and pounds 16 oz of water and always wants to eat. Reflux can make you feel hungry and thirsty so I took him in to his dr to get him on prilosec again. he She started asking about his other behavior/symptoms- throwing up a lot, peeing a lot, thirsty, emotional, not growing fast (that one I am not as worried about) and of course totally freaks out when he gets sugary foods. I have noticed he is more lazy than he used to be. Sure he still gets bouts of energy and loves to play but if he has his choice he would stay in his pj's and just lay on the couch (or in my bed) with me ALL day. He doesnt want to go anywhere or have people over (he is fine once we get there though) He just wants to cuddle on me.

So back at the dr's office- she had him pee in a cup. He thought it was the coolest thing ever of course! He had ketones in his urine. Which means his body is burning fat instead of glucose for energy. not good. She gave him another cup for him to use first thing in the morning and then also wanted him to come in for a fasting blood draw. If you google all of those symptoms it points right at type 1 diabetes. SCARY HUH.

We did the tests this morning and waited around all day for the results. I didnt take a shower and never left my phone because I didnt want to miss the call from the dr- we still havent heard anything.

My mommy brain is freaking out. I am a professional worrier. Things will be fine. We will be okay. I just want to know now what the road ahead will look like.

Please keep my sweet baby boy in your prayers, we could use it.

okay that was whinny enough. sorry about that. just frustrated, worn out, sad, and tired now..

I just LOVE him so much I dont want him to EVER be held back by anything.

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