Tuesday, September 28, 2010

no more baby

we are WEANED.

sadly, I was not ready this is hard on me! There are plenty of time when I want to grab him and let him nurse and I am sure he would be happy as a clam to do so. 

once he got over the initial shock of not breastfeeding when laying across my lap he will actually
its taken a few weeks to get to this point so if you are trying to wean give it some time before things get that way but I am living proof that they will. I get lots more kisses and cuddles now that he knows he cant nurse, its like he is willing to settle or something now. I love it, he hasnt been a cuddle bug since he was 4 months old.
Tonight before bed he let me rock him in the chair while he had a sippy of water and I sang to him, he tickled my face and gave me a thousand kisses. 
I love those moments, its the ones like that, that make it ok he is growing up and becoming his own little man. He will always need his mama, and I will always be here. Even when he is all grown he can come sit on my lap and tickle my face while we sing songs.

in my 16 straight months of nursing I have become an expert and now that I am an expert I will offer you some advice.

its hard, you have the blind leading the blind. 
nurse your preemie. and of course I have no medical degree but I hate hearing that they couldnt nurse because they were too tiny, I know of plenty of preemies who nursed (myself included. 6 weeks early) I feel like dr's are too eager to fatten up these babes that they dont give them a good honest chance at the breast.
your baby WILL go through nursing strikes, from talking to others, and I agree they are usually around 3/4 months and again around 8/9. they arent trying to wean themselves they are just becoming more aware of their surroundings and nursing isnt as cool as playing.
you HAVE to push through, they wont starve themselves
your baby will get to the point where they dont nurse well out in the family room with the tv on or daddy talking. go in the nursery and turn OFF the light. like I said playing is so much cooler than eating
try nursing in all different positions, cradle isnt always the best.

ok dont hate, this is just my opinion. and I sure am opinionated. 


Laura said...

When Hannah weaned she started being more of a cuddle bug as well! And nursing strikes are the worst! She was usually teething when that happened, so painful for her (and for me!)

MoDLin said...

This is a nice post. It reminds me of the time I weaned my little ones. Yes, there was lots of cuddling then. Thanks for the fond memories.

Ryan and Meagan said...

Like I experienced before...stating your opinion sometimes on blogs or facebook, isn't always a beautiful experience. You are daring, girl!! Proud of you!

I know I should have pushed Brinley around the 7-8 month mark but she was not nursing like at all for a month of trying. I honestly think she was done. done done done!!

I miss nursing so much and somedays when she is cuddly...I miss it even more.

So basically, I'm baby hungry. hahaha

Stef said...

Nursing is totally the way to go. I agree with you. And so glad you get the cuddle in exchange! Whoot!

melissa d. said...

hi, i just stumbled across your blog and it is so cute!

can't wait to follow along :)


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