Sunday, September 26, 2010


I have been wanting to overhaul the blog for quite some time now- new name new address. I like the name me&mine but cant get the address to match up. this is what you get when you type in

this is the screen shot of the awesome blog thats taking up my dream domain name.
I am having the hardest time thinking of a great name that encompasses all that this blog is.
any ideas from you super/creative/awesome/cute bloggers?


Laura said...

hey! I am so glad I know your blog address now! I think your name is already great, could do


I don't know! But your little boy is such a cutie!!!

Sydney said...

haha this same thing happened to ME! so now when people ask for my blog URL, I have to repeat myself like 5 times cause no one can remember as opposted to just Same sentiments exactly:
L-A-M-E! I like the previous suggestion to just see how you can switch it up a little bit with dashes and such

Shawntae said...

what about mine and me ?

or all mine?

haha I don't know email jen she's good at this stuff!

Lauren said...

thanks those are great ideas, love you girls!

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