Sunday, September 26, 2010

a book for baby

These are 2 pages from his baby book I just ordered. I know how important it is to get these things done so I started working on it right after he was born and every few months just went back and added pictures and text. It was really helpful to pull from both the blogs when I forgot little details or I didnt feel like rewriting things!
to see the whole book go here

I have so many friends say "I cant even begin to think about a baby book... I have been working on our wedding album for 4 years..." Honestly I could have put this book together in under an hour. I used a template. All the hard, creative work was done. For my wedding album I also used a template and did in 30 min and it looks beautiful if I may say :)

So many of you have babies turning one right now and have kept great record on your blogs of all the sweet moments and growth stats, lets put those into books as well!


Nick and Jill said...

I seriously love you! I have been wanting to do a baby book for Scarlett but it is very overwhelming. Did it really not take long? Thanks so much for the site!

Sydney said...

What a great idea to do a baby book! This is darling! You are so creative!

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