Monday, August 9, 2010

Story time

Happy newlyweds 

Brad reminded me of a funny story today from when we were dating, I figured I should put it in print because it wasnt that long ago but I had already forgotten about it!
When we were dating we lived in this wonderful little town known as Provo, UT
 the city of young, quick love. 
I used my magic to make him think that I was cool enough that he should abandon his bachelor life and marry me! Lucky him I know. We started shopping around for sparkly little finger jewelry and found THE ONE. I was totally in love with it... I mean Brad, yes I was in love with Brad. 
One night after a yummy girls night at Olive Garden, my roomies and I decided to stop by the jewelers so I could show them my new baby  ring. We ooh-ed and awwwed and played around for a while then headed home. 
I found out much later on, that Brad happened to be at the jewelers the 
Somehow in a crazy blue moon, Brad ran out to his car (which he parked way far away in fear I would drive by and see him there)  and while Brad was gone for a min I came into the shop. He had actually left his hat and other things on the counter I guess the jeweler had thrown them on the floor as soon as he saw me open the door. poor man I probably gave him a heart attack
yes I had been in THAT much, he knew me in seconds notice. we were on first name basis
Olive garden was in the same parking lot so my gf's and I walked over there which meant Brad didnt see my car either. Brad ran back to the jewelers and OPENED the door just in time to see me standing in there with my back facing him. He let the door slam and just kept running and hid in the next store over til I was gone I dont know if he just waited forever or if someone from the jewelers went to tell him the coast was clear. 
I am sure that the poor jeweler was freaking out the whole time just waiting for Brad to come running back in.
Pretty much it was a crazy miracle that I didnt catch him in the act. This reminds me... when I got there my RING WAS MISSING. I was freaking out that someone else had already bought it. It was missing because the jeweler had it already boxed up for Brad. So he had to play dumb and went to fetch it for me.
It just goes to show how much we think alike sometimes. The story just makes me laugh re reading it. I was so oblivious. I wonder if the employee's in the store were acting awkward and I was just blinded by love of my ring brad to tell something fishy was up.


Ben & Jen said...

I love this story... He called me to tell me about it when it happened. He wanted to surprise you in PR so bad. Then did you notice how nervous he was in PR and how he kept playing with the bandana in his pocket??? lol! Love you two!

Jency and Joey said...

Haha that's so funny! I love it

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