Friday, August 6, 2010

flash back friday

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Ryan at 3 weeks, maybe 4?

Shawtae @ a little kind and i  did a cute flash back friday today so now its our turn!

Tonight Ryan was sitting in the rocking chair with his sippy and his blanket and "good night gorilla" and was flipping through the pages on his own and pointing with his thumb (silly boy) to the gorilla and the "mama" on each page and laughing SO hard at the one where "the mama says NO more animals sleeping in my room!" cause her eyes are buggin out and she has a funny face. He just seemed so grown up.

It only got worse from there on. I laid him down in his bed and he waved to me and said "night!" ahhh how is he getting so big so fast. This baby in the video just seems like a whole different person. I cant believe that its the same Ryan who walks around my house destroying everything in his path and then comes to give me a kiss. I miss baby Ryan but I LOVE this new big boy he is turning into


Lindy Leigh said...

Take lots of video...lots and lots :)

Shawntae said...

Way cute!! Oh my gosh doesn't it make you ssoo sad?? They grow soo fast!! It's funny too that you can go back to the beginning and look at them and they look the same now but way little.

He is soo cute I want to snuggle him

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