Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy Moment Monday

I am implementing all sorts of new themes to my blog so be on the look out for new posts for each day of the week. I am hoping it will be fun. Today is mommy moment Monday. Thanks to Kayli for the idea(s)

We recently turned Ryan's car seat around.. yeah, yeah I know it was a few weeks early I am too embarrassed to say exactly how early but my pediatrician doesn't read this to we are ok. Anyway I have been waiting and hoping and praying for this day to come since we drove home from the hospital, any of you who have rode in the car with us know how much he hates it (the recent months weren't so bad I'll admit) but the constant screaming and crying was just tearing me apart and there have been many times I have pulled over on the side of the freeway to see what the commotion was all about.
SO the day finally came, we got out the big boy seat, rode backward for a few days then said what the heck we are doing this thing! and he LOVED it! he laughed the first few times and thought how funny it was that he could see mommy's silly faces in the rear view mirror..

here comes the problem.

I am a really bad driver now! I dont know if its the snacks that i can toss back there, the games of peek-a-boo, or who can blow the best raspberries thats distracting me from my task at hand.. driving. uhhhh ohhhh. today I bought a little mirror that i can attach to my rear view mirror (in case anyone forgot, like I did, thats for YOU to see cars behind you. not your sweet little munchkin in the back seat) and maybe that will help a bit. I also am going to just pretend sometimes that hes not back there until he gets mad and needs something. But hes just so gosh darn cute. the best is our peek-a-boo games. he will cover his face with his blanket or toys or even his hands and then laugh hysterically when i say WHERE'S RYAN???

he melts my heart.

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Ben & Jen said...

Forward facing makes life SO much easier! And I admit, the games are fun. I can't wait to come home and see him (and both of you... lol) again even though he doesn't know me enough to really like me yet.
Love you all!

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