Sunday, July 8, 2012

playing catch up. what its really like.

Life is so crazy right now. Hubs working over full time, his school, my thriving business, other random ventures I have going, keeping my house clean so I dont lose my freaking mind, and oh yes... the children. 

I am barely treading water guys! My sister and I were talking last night about this blog and she goes "you know your life looks super fun and easy if all I see is the blog" 


Wow, so not true! I am not here to complain,  I signed up for all this when I got married and started popping out adorable babies. But I have been saying to my mom and the hubs lately that I had NO idea what I was getting myself into! This is freaking hard! 

I keep losing brain cells each time I get pregnant. I am scared eventually I wont be able to complete a proper sentence... wait that has already happened. Does anyone else just feel like a crazy person after having kids? Does that ever come back? I now understand the term- Mom Brain.

But these guys, they are awesome. We have had a great week playing at my parents house and soaking up some PNW sun. Ryan's hair is so light blonde and he is so tan, I am loving it. I am just sun burnt of course.

We had a fun 4th, we were in a parade with my old gymnastics gym and then we just ordered pizza as a small family and did our own fireworks in the driveway and it was early to bed for all of us and hubs left to make the 3 hour drive back home to be at work Thursday.

All of my business ventures are on the computer. My fingers feel like they are going to fall off if I type any more. Thats all for now folks.

I feel like I should add a "ttyl" in here.....

TTYL! LOL YOLO ILY hmmkaybye.

oh I need sleep.

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