Sunday, April 10, 2011


dress: down east outfitters
necklace: down east outfitters
boots: target

Today I made hubs stop on the side of the road on the way home from church so we could take these pictures. Then people awkwardly gawked at us as they drove by. Hence my super odd posing. 

Today we had a victory! Ryan went to nursery WITH OUT ME. One of my favorite girls is home from college til September and Ryan thinks she is his girl friend. He makes googly eyes at her and everything. I am in heaven. Thank you Jennifer!

Also, since when did my BABY start using a cup? This was such a normal moment during dinner tonight til I realized that he hasnt always done this, he is growing up so fast. I am okay with that though I dont want to freeze him right now I am hoping to get past the terrible two's a little bit more :)

Tomorrow is our anniversary! Looking forward to a yummy dinner at the melting pot.... drool...


Andrea said...

Ok.. I hope I told you how totally cute your outfit was! Love that you had the hubs take your pictures.. cute..
And Ryan! Awesome Dude! So awesome that you are having the Normal moments that You guys deserve.. He was just waiting for the perfect time for this.. he just is growing up and So cute to see him in nursery with jennifer.. So glad she's Back!

JencyJo said...

Your hair is so long! I love it!

kayli sue said...

Ok I so wanted to buy that dress on downeast but it looked too short on the model! But its like the perfect length on you! What size did you get?

Heather M said...

Love the outfit!! your always soooo flippin cute!!!

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