Monday, July 9, 2012

loving summer.

The big joke is summer arrives July 4th here in the PNW and it's so true! The day before it was raining and depressing outside. We woke up the next day to heat and sun- its been amazing ever since.

We are still at my parents and loving their huge back yard, play set, trampoline, kiddie pool, garden and LOTS of room to run. They have the PERFECT house and yard for little kids we are so incredibly lucky.
 "mom take a picture of me pretend sleeping then let me see it"
Weston sequestered in the pack n play outside so he doesnt eat grass and get trampled by his brother.

The first year with the garden and already reaping the benefits, yummmm.  

We miss daddy though and excited to see him tomorrow! Homeward bound in the morning. 

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