Friday, July 27, 2012

mom hours aka we dont sleep

Hubs and I were talking about our schedules last night and then it came up with my friend Amy today. I go to bed between midnight and 1am and then up with the kids around 7. And then between those hours the kids tend to take turns being up. If hubs works late then we can trade off a little in the morning and take some quick naps and I swear that is the only way we can survive.

But we barely are. I am tired every second of every single day. Here is the tricky part- even if I take a nap or even if I get 12 hours of sleep a night I am still tired. All the time. I have seen a few doctors who run test that come up with nothing. I have said I am going to start vitamins but havent gotten around to it yet.

I was this way before I had babies too, so I cant blame it on them- all the way anyway. To top it off I do not have low energy children. They are busy and go-go-go all day long! I want to be a good mom for them, I am trying so hard! They know I am tired and sometimes agree to nap at the same time in the afternoon. It is rare but wonderful.

Are you a tired mam? What hours do you keep? Go over to facebook and share with everyone.

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