Thursday, October 7, 2010


Oh 1pm, how I love you. The blessed time of day when all the lights in the house go off, the toys go away, and naps are taken. For both mommy and baby. I had a lot on my mind from the morning so I made myself a big plate of nachos, that I accidentally over cooked so now the cheese is kind hard like cement. The hubs tells me they are better in the oven but I am too impatient for that. Then I climbed in my bed with freshly washed sheets (probably a bad combo) and replayed the last few hours in my mind.
I know there will be a thousand times that I will look at monkey and say to myself- he is all grown up, and each time it will be for different reasons. It used to be when he could sit on his own, or when he started to crawl, or when he said mama. 
But today it was for so many reasons.
Because this morning he was big enough to lay on daddy's pillow and go back to sleep in our bed with me
Then he was big enough to just sit on the couch and watch nick jr while I got breakfast ready, no nagging and climbing up my leg included. 
He picked out his own clothes and didnt fight me getting dressed. 
We sat on the floor and looked at daddy's old photo albums- chuckling at how different our extended family looks and how daddy had a lot of hair. 
We breathed moist air on spoons and had a contest to see who could hold it on their nose the longest. He won.
We read books and learned new ASL signs
I look a shower and no one stood at the baby gate screaming to come mess up the bathroom. And when I got out there was no blood and and he was still breathing.
I watched him rock his baby dolls and sing lullaby's to them in tones so sweet it amazed me.
He drove his cars around and they went vrooooooooooooom vroooooooooooom.

Today he is all grown up. Again. 


Stef said...

Ahhh..Why do they do that. Life with children is full of "..I can't wait"s and "I remember when..."s
Bask in them now, because it goes too fast for me.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like a wonderful morning. I love the spoon on the nose idea. It sounds like your little one is growing up.

Alyssa said...

What a big boy! He's so cute!

Coming over to say hi from the Hedgehog Tribe!

Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

I'm a new follower from A Little King and I. I look forward to reding more. Your family is adorable. =] And we also want a bunch of children too!

Livy said...

Oh but it does go by too fast. I keep thinking the same thing about how grown up my baby girl is getting. At least we don't have to add "driving for the first time" for a few more years.

AmyLee said...

hey, found you from a little king & i. i'm a new follower :) we're lds too & in washington too! but all my family is in utah & i was drooling over your cafe rio pics from your utah post. i lurrrvve cafe rio.

would love to see you stop by my blog at

kriznizzel said...

Great blog found you through little king. Look forward to following you :)

Chelsea said...

Cute! They sure grow fast.

Lindsay Blogs said...

Awww! Days like those make up for all of the hard days!

Mandy said...

Such a sweet little guy! I get all sentimental over every one of the milestones too, but I try and remember that it's a good thing and that God has entrusted me with these little ones to raise and eventually let go... I'm not so good at letting go!

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