Wednesday, September 8, 2010

writers workshop- that big L I want so bad

This is inspired by Mama Kat's weekly writers workshop. I havent been the best about linking up every Thursday but this weeks was just to good to pass up. So I will only half-watch Pawn Stars with my husband while we half-cuddle. Wait he is sitting on the floor fixing my phone and I am sprawled out on the couch "working." Typical night let me tell ya.

That ended up being a pretty good opener to.....

A list of things I no longer have in common with my single/childless friends and reasons I still love them.

When you are single and you buy a cute monogram letter you can get one that is for your FIRST name. Could you imagine if I had this on my wall?
its nearly 3 feet tall
See it just wouldnt work. People would walk in and say.. "an L?" even though they clearly know my name is LAUREN. So we stick to A's :)     this is reminding me of a time when I wanted to buy a little monogram H for a necklace and my gf couldnt figure out why, my maiden name is Hughes.

Cuddling in the summer does not happen. Why in the heck would you do that? Its hot and sweaty and sticky. Ewwy. Sorry to my single ladies, that your ears are burning after this, but yeah sometimes its OKAY not to cuddle with your man.

I can not attend lunch dates or shopping trips on the fly. Unless you want my circus to tag along and even then it will take 20 min to tackle sippy cups, snacks, toys, diapers, make sure he actually has 2 socks and 2 shoes on (the correct feet help too). 

I get tired at 8pm. As a matter of fact I can not multi task after 8:15. So when you are typing on fb to me about your love affairs and crazy escapades and I happen to be doing anything else at the same time sorry I am not a good listener. 

Therefore it amazes me how you can stay up SO late, partying like a rockstar then still be at work functioning the next morning. If I have a rough night Ryan plays on the floor, eats gold fish for breakfast, and watches gabba while I doze on the couch til he hits me in the face with something.

Buy for me or buy for my son...... buy for my son, every dang time. 'Nuff said.

Flirting... whats that again? You get hit on in the store and are expecting it and pleased with the outcome of your aisle 6 stop. I get hit on in the store and just laugh. "sure buddy if only you KNEW what was waiting for me when I got home and what THIS hot bod went through last year you would not be raising your eye brows at me" 

However ladies I still love you. I love you because you make me feel wild and free if only for a moment, you remind me that there is life beyond the huggies/pampers argument. You keep me up to date on fashion and tell me when I look like a slob in a very loving way. You are always full of energy cause you sleep in quietness at night. When I am too worn out you take my son on walks around the neighborhood and play knock knock whos at the door. You love me even though I scare the crap out of you with all my talk of c section scars and breastfeeding. You remind me that even though your life is sometimes intriguing that I love the home and the family that I have created and wouldnt trade it for the world.

Dear Becca,
Pretty much you are my only single/childless friend that I hang out with on a regular basis so this is mostly about you, you are the key in my lime pie, the peanut butter to my jelly.. ok I cant think of any more its after 8. I hope you still love me cause I love you. Thank you for keeping me sane. 


Stef said...

I totally understand your "Buy for for my son" sacrifice. Seriously, we deserve to win sometimes. Always fun to find another lds blogger!!

Holly said...

Love your post!! ;D

Cuddling in the summer can work if you have the AC on and a fan pointed at you! LOL!! ;p

Tanya said...

I love that you have music playing on your blog! Great post. I don't particularly like cuddling in the summer either especially with the heat of this past summer!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

"Therefore it amazes me how you can stay up SO late, partying like a rockstar then still be at work functioning the next morning." Ugh... yes, I agree... our bedtime is the kid's bedtime. 9pm. Don't call me after.

rebecca marie said...
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rebecca marie said...

That's me! I don't mind one bit :) I understand that our lives are drastically different but I also absolutely LOVE being able to take monkey for a walk so you can have just a few minutes of Lauren time, if my apartment weren't so littered with boxes, and dirt...quite literally (I still need to borrow your vaccumm for that...) I would most definitely steal R for a hours at a time. As for after 8 pm, I just forget and then you go "it's late, and I go "oh yeah!" it's my biggest ding dong moment.

I really wouldn't trade you and your mommy-ness for the world, and when we can be just Lu and Bec it's great but I truly love our little three-some and getting to see new moments with your little man. I can't wait for you to witness moments with my future little ones :)

ps: I'm buying for BOTH of you, why choose? ;)

Jency and Joey said...

I always buy for Joe and never me... I will NEVER have anything new when we add a little one! haha

Jessica, Zach Monahan said...

I have two kids and a husband that is a pretty boy who has to have top notch for me get anything new that is just not an option! I have been a mom and a wife for as long as I can member...5 years, so I dont think I have ever had the luxury of being single and not being a mom! BUT I would not change my children for the world they are the best! Love your posts

Mrsblogalot said...

This was a great post!

I remember the just me days but don't miss 'em that much. I can't even remember being able to stay up past 8 let alone actually leave my house! (-:

Polished Portrayal said...

Somehow, over the last three years, I've seen my single friends (with the exception of two) less and less, and my mommy friends more and more.

I miss the fun I used to have with my girls, I so miss it, but so many people just can't understand that a dinner date with two toddlers at a trendy restaurant? Not happening.

Sydney said...

haha ... GREAT POST :) Love that L!!!

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