Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weston T. is 7 months old

Yesterday this perfect chunk o' love turned 7 months! That means he has almost been in my arms as long as he was in my belly. I can't believe it. I have baby fever so bad already- he is just awesome and I want 100 more babies like him.

He is still super easy going, getting busy, and happy all the time. I count my blessings every day! He is moving so fast and I feel like he is growing up so much every day.

at SEVEN months:

weighs 15.4 pounds
wears 6-9 month size clothes and old navy 6-12
cloth diapers 99% of the time 

sleeps pretty good- takes a few hour long naps during the day 
usually wakes up once at night around 4am unless he's teething.

crawls, STANDS, sits up, tries to climb stairs (hold me) 
eats table food and loves it
takes a sippy cup with water

love to play with toys
still loves his wubanub/soothie pacie 
obsessed with his lovey blanket aka taggy its the same style as Ryan's blankets! I did not plan that one!

climbs out of the baby swing :/
has 2 teeth 
decides he is tired or hungry and will let out the biggest cry all the sudden but then is easily consoled

sits up in the bathtub like a big boy now
likes to play outside in the grass
went swimming with mommy
loves to play with my hair 

loves everyone and always smiles at people when we are out- especially anyone that looks like a grandparent- oh man he flirts it up.

has the biggest cheesy smile ever and loves the camera 

I am finally his favorite with ryan and daddy tied for second. 

Happy 7 months Peanut :)

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