Sunday, June 10, 2012

stepping out

Its become quite comical every Sunday when I take my stepping out photos. We are usually running late for church, kids are fussing, hubs is trying to get his tie on while I am nagging at him to snap pictures at the right time. aka- when no one is driving by, only when I am making a good face and my pose is perfect, when the sun is in right spot. I am totally demanding and he puts up with me week after week. Thanks babe.

The issue of location comes up. Today we tried to stop at a farm on the side of the road but I knew that fellow church goers were driving by and the farm owners were coming out to see what the heck we were up too. It was stressful and embarrassing so I op-ed for the corner of the parking lot instead.

Wow I am so white. 
top- down east basics
skirt- bohme (best skirt ever, its stretchy cotton. dare I compare it to the feeling of sweat pants?)
belt- bp
shoes- dsw
bracelet- vintage from my grandma

this weekend was kind of a wash. we went to the market in the rain and sat around the rest of saturday. hubs works so its always a long day. our weekends are sunday/monday. so happy weekend to us!

and by the way I am watching weston crawl around the family room right now. hes such an over achiever.

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