Monday, June 11, 2012

bragging rights

One of the best things about being a mom is that you can always brag about how cool your kids are and other parents get it because its something we all do. and I hope you all know that when your littles do something awesome I am genuinely happy for you and excited for them! so lets all take a moment here to brag about the cool stuff your kids are doing.. 

Weston is AWESOME as usual. He is sleeping through the night every night and taking 2 long naps and one short one a day. He is scooting/crawling everywhere and getting into things. He loves to play with toys. He has TWO teeth on the bottom. He has started baby food and hates it but loves it when I give him big chunks of table food to chew on. He is sitting up almost all by himself. He is using a sippy cup with water like a pro. He is starting to get some hair again.

Ryan is the coolest 3 year old on the planet. He knows the words to a few songs and sings them all the time. He can climb into and half way buckle his own car seat. He loves to look good- he always like to have his hair spiked and makes sure his clothes always match. He loves to be clean. He cracks jokes all the time and follows them with "Im just kidding!" He is really good at holding his brother. He loves to do his chores and help me clean. He can finally walk places when we go out and actually stays by me. He loves to hold my hand and watches for cars when we walk in the parking lot.

 And the biggest thing of all... HE IS POTTY TRAINED! 100%. No more diapers ever. We go out in public without having accidents and everything. Its for real. Its been almost a week so I can say for certain he is totally a big kid now. It rocks.


Now its YOUR TURN! Go write a post about something cool your kid or kids are doing and come back here to paste the link in the linky below. 

Rules are: 
go blog about something cool your little one did
link back to yours truly using the button or a hyperlink 
share your post in the linky below so we can all be proud with you

simple right?
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Kayli said...

I'm not at my computer so I can't link of right now but I love this idea! Someone once got offended that I was bragging about my kids and husband. I was so confused because I think its so important to brag and say good things about the ones we love! Too many people never have anything good to say. I know it makes my husband feel good when I brag about him and I know my boys love it when I brag to their stuffed animals about how awesome they are.

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