Friday, June 8, 2012

fishing in the dark. my kid rocks.

Sometimes I get caught up in potty training, 3 healthy meals a day, and proper discipline, that I forget to just live in the moment and appreciate Ryan for who is he is. He is awesome. I love this three year old KID that I have living in my house. 

Today I promised him a trip to Target and on the way it was pouring rain. Weston had just fallen asleep in the car and I was starving. So I did a drive through at taco bell and when we pulled in to target Ryan got out of his car seat and climbed in front with me.We just hung out together for a while til the rain stopped. He played with my windshield wipers while we chowed down on taco bell, laughed, and listened to "Fishing in the Dark" I taught him the chorus and we sang along at the top of our lungs.

A year ago he was too little for stuff like this. He is so fun, we have the best times together. He is my best buddy. I used to miss the baby he was but I am just loving everything about him now. Three rocks.

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Kandace Lewis said...

I agree! Three does rock!

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