Saturday, June 2, 2012

stepping out and weekend recap

Okay I am going to just be vain here. I felt really pretty this weekend. To kick things off we had a pacific northwest blogger meet up on Friday night. As of Thursday afternoon I was not going but a few miracles happened and I got myself a ticket to the event. It was like a first date for real. I spent twice as long getting ready as I normally do for an outing, and I had a nervous, sweaty panic attack the whole way down to Portland.

Totally silly though because I had met a few of the ladies before- the same weekend LAST year actually! and they all love me unconditionally and truly KNOW me. It was such a relief to walk in the door of the Lucky Lab Brewery and get the biggest hug from Libby. That girl is so amazing and made me feel very welcome. Mandy, Amy, and Jill showed up a little while later and I was in bloggy girl friend heaven. I also got to hang out with other awesome blog friends- Melissa, Mandy, Chelsey and more. Best part was I met new blog friends too! 

It was great to sit and visit with these ladies and hang out baby free for the whole night. We also went to breakfast Saturday morning at this little bistro in downtown. Best breakfast ever- it was so worth the wait. I cant wait to see them again I am already missing everyone so much. 

We must be instagram friends by now, right? If not you are missing out. I captured tons of moments from the weekend. Find me @ lauren_meandmine 

then I kept it real classy and stuff- I wore the same dress for our date Saturday night. Dont worry I sprayed some perfume on we were good to roll. We went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Guys- I cried. It was so good. It was really intense and the acting was amazing! Even from Bella. Charlize was crazy good and gave me goosebumps. Everyone go see it! 

The Deets: 
dress,belt, shoes- nordys. I dont know how that happened but I felt special

on hubs: 
everything gap... we were on a roll, keeping things easy. 

and whats a post without the babies. dying from the cuteness over here.  

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