Saturday, June 2, 2012

follow up on the bad mom

I just want to reach through this screen and hug every single one of you. I received the greatest feedback on my last post about the trials of parenting. So thank you, and you, and you, and you!

There is something I do want to clarify though- I hope that no one would ever read that and decide not to have more children. I was this tired and worn out with ONE kid. My deal was not about how hard having multiples are it was just parenting in general- 1 or 10 its all rough. I wouldnt trade anything in the world for the situation I am in now. My sons are the bestest of friends and I LOVE having more than one child. If I had my way every one would have more than one kid- but thats a whole other issue and a highly sensitive one at that, remember this is my blog, my opinions. I just love it so much and I know how much my kids love not being the only one. I want all kids to be happy like mine.

Anyway. Remember how I was having a bad day and all. Well then THESE happened and I went from sad crying to happy crying in seconds. Manic? Nope, just a mom. :)

awesome, huh.

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