Monday, June 4, 2012

finding out you're pregnant.

With all my blogging and record keeping I am so sad to say I dont know the date when I found out I was pregnant with either boy. It makes me so sad! But I DO remember the stories-


We had gotten married in April and since I wanted to have babies since I was three years old we started talking about it right away. It was always a given we would have a big family we made sure to cover that on the first real date if I remember correctly. I knew I didnt want a honeymoon baby though. We held off for a little while but we were living in Puerto Rico for a temp summer job and one of his co workers wives and my best friend for the summer, was pregnant and due to have her first baby while we were down there. To say I had baby fever was the understatement of the century. I watched her perfectly gorgeous belly grow every day while we sun bathed by the pool and even tagged along to some of  her OB appointments. (dude chels, we still talk about his awful hair plugs...) I even walked the mall with her and her mama while she was in the early stages of labor. I got to hold Mr. Benson when he was just days old and my womb ached. The next month hubs came home with an ovulation kit and thinking back we must have gotten pregnant mid August 2008.
12 weeks  

In September we left our island paradise and moved home to the PNW. We were living with his parents til we could secure decent jobs in what was turning out to be an awful economy. It was October and I was getting ready to start a job Nannying soon. We were all eating pizza late one evening with hubs parents and the smell of my favorite bbq pizza was the worst thing ever. My father in law cracked a joke that went something like- sensitive to smells? pregnant? I think I was in denial because a week later I started my job and while I was walking the dogs I threw up on the neighbors lawn. Alexis suggested that I take a pregnancy test. Late that night I found what looked like a pregnancy test that came with the fore mentioned ovulation kit. With no instructions I did what you're supposed to do on a pregnancy test and got two lines.
 around 20 weeks 

Two lines? What the heck does two lines mean? I looked around on the internet but decided it was best to just go get another test. A real test this time. We drove down to safeway at 11:30pm at midnight we got two pink lines, then another test. Two tests, 4 pinks lines. We were having a baby. I cried, he laughed (because thats what he doesn when hes nervous and excited) His mom was up late that night and so we ran down to the kitchen around 2:00am to tell her the news. She was elated. Then we decided around 3:00am to wake up the new grandpa and tell him too. We were all so happy. Hubs and I didnt sleep a wink that night. I calculated I was around 9 weeks and our baby was due May 26th 2009.
28 weeks

The dreams I had since I was a little girl were coming true! Within a week of finding out I had the strongest impressions over and over that our baby was a BOY, his name was to be Ryan, and would end up being a C section baby. Well if you have been reading for a while now you will know that all of those things ended up being true.

Stay tuned for Weston's story.

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