Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ryan isms vol... I dont know there has been so many

weston had a dead bee on his belly button and it made me gagged (it was just his umbilical stump)

yia yia, i have family time at my house. (what do you do at family time?) we lay on mommy and daddys bed and just talk.


I be a scuba diver when I a daddy sometimes

I want to shoot those turkeys with daddy (we drove by some wild ones over memorial day)

watch me be a dinosaur

dinosaurs go AAAK thats the sound they make

its sunny out that means it swimmin time

I ate lots of foods I have a big tummy now. LOOK.

hubs: mommy and I are going on a hot date tonight!
ryan: I dont want you to go on a hot date. I want you to go on a cold one instead.

ewww your piggy toe is stinky

mom, close the door (why?) I dont want to talk about it.

(talking to me on the phone) Oh heeey, whats your name?

this chili is the nummy-est

thats AMAZING (says this about everything)

can just check on Weston a tiny bit? (the answer is always NO!)

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