Tuesday, July 5, 2011

15 weeks along

15 weeks already, and then again.. ONLY 15 weeks? It depends on the day. So far I-
  • have nasty heart burn if I eat anything spicy or really flavorful which is no bueno because thats all I want
  • cant get pre pregger pants past my thighs, my hips are spreading so much in prep for the D day
  • in a new bra aka bigger
  • restless legs have started along with weird aches in my calves I probably need more exercise
  • I am starting to wonder if jelly bean is a boy because I am turning into a hairy gorilla. Glamorous huh.
  • Baby is kicking a ton and I can feel it, hubs can sometimes too
  • I am starting to feel pregnant and not just chunky around the mid section
  • maternity clothes are starting to fit nicely which I will enjoy because come November I will be busting the seams
  • I still have to take a Zofran every morning but that will do the trick the rest of the day, no more nausea and its amazing
  • Nausea is replaced by a horrible constant headache and zero energy/dizziness. Like I said before my children love me from the beginning. 
  • No longer having dreams so psycho I wake up feeling like I should call a shrink.
  • Getting anxious to find out the gender next Monday!

All in all we are doing pretty good so far! 

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Kandace Lewis said...

Next Monday already?! So exciting!

Oh, and I was a hairy gorilla too, but ended up with twin girls. So, you never know.

nicole. said...

oh man i feel your pain. i had the WORST heartburn when i was pregnant with my son. so bad.

you look adorable.

Meagan said...

So exciting!!!

the mom diggity said...

Looking GREAT! I think once you reach that halfway mark it FLIES by. You are getting there :)

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