Thursday, July 7, 2011

a moment for Ryan

Hey sweet boy I havent written to you in a while. Things in our house have been crazy the last few months and you have been a trooper I am so grateful for you. I know its hard to have mommy sick and not be able to play and now we have little baby Jamez at our house 4 days a week and you dont like to share me much. Today you kept asking me to go put him in the siiiing (swing) so I could hold you instead. Hopefully soon you will understand that you get LOTS of time with mommy but sometimes its okay to share me.

Now that you are 2 you have changed so much, there are no signs of baby-ness in you anymore. You have been happier lately as well. Since you turned 18 months you had a rough time, lots of changes and you were such a sad boy for a long time. I feel like we are starting to get *our boy back. You are smiley and playful most of the time!

We call you our little elephant because you never forget ANYTHING. It catches us off guard sometimes still. You know the way to get to your Grandparents house and back home its fun to have you point me in the right direction. You recognize Target the second we drive by, even if its one we've never been to before. Panera Bread almost always means Becca is coming with us and you yell BEH as soon as we pull in. You remember where you hide your toys and snacks days later and even remember where I try to hide the treats for going potty. You remember things we did throughout the day and still talk about them a week later, like when you and daddy went swimming and you dunked him under. That was 2 weeks ago and you still talk about it today. At the end of the day before bed one of your favorite things to do is for us to quiz you on your day, what you ate, where we went, who and what we played with. I love the exercise your brain is getting and you feel extra cool.

The phones... oh my dearest boy how in the heck you know what your doing I will never understand. You have become so techy just like your dad. You LOVE to video call our family members. If we leave a phone or a tablet around you will run over and before we can catch you its unlocked, on the fring app, pick who you want and then you click video call, every single time. You are way to smart for your own good sometimes. You also ALWAYS know who I am talking to on the phone if you can hear their voice through the ear piece and insist on saying HIYAH if its someone you know. Although Aunt Leah, and Hannah sound the same that one always gets you.

You have hit a picky eating stage! I dont know how you've survived the last 3 months because you barely eat all day long. Its usually milk for breakfast, maybe some raisins or half a sandwich for lunch, and then dinner is always a struggle. You wont eat anything which is so sad because foods you used to love you gag at. You wont try a single thing either. I think most of it is texture issues because just to the touch most foods make you gag. Then the foods you usually love- yogurt, fruit, mac and cheese, sandwiches (yeah thats about it) you will only eat a few bites of. I am so worried about you because you are still so tiny, you cant keep your 18 month size shorts on even. I am praying this stage ends soon. I have tried playing hard ball with you and only giving you what we are eating for dinner but you wont eat then go to bed hungry and are up crying and restless all night cause you are hungry. I just dont think thats fair to a 2 year old. I need help!

You have started saying a few more words in English- hop, happy, down, ice, happy, and home. We notice that you prefer to make the sounds of things instead of saying the actual word- Boom for fireworks, vroom for car, pop for anything from the toaster, choo choo for train, and so on. This is also true for animals. You know most all of them and can rattle them off sound by sound, except for the giraffe that one always baffles you. If it doesnt have a sound and you are trying to explain something to me it turns out like an interpretive dance you act out EVERYTHING as to never be misunderstood. I still dont see why its so hard to say truck or ball dude but oh well.

You love to sing songs with me all day long and know all the hand motions to them. We have recently started doing "if your happy and you know it" my favorite thing to watch ever. That lead us to learn what a happy face looked like. We have been talking a lot about feelings lately. You love to be quizzed on what a happy, sad, and grumpy face look like. They are priceless.. You are also so concerned with how WE are feeling. You ask me a hundred times a day if I am happy. And if you ever do something naughty you say sorry right away and say "happy mommy!"

We have also been talking a lot about families. You love to put everyone into a family unit- from the pumpkins in your book to the cats at the shelter. There is always a mommy, daddy, and lots of babies. Some of them are girls and some are boys.

With all this fun new stuff has come some serious power struggles between the 3 of us. We have had some very long stand offs with you when you are being naughty. One day it took you 15 min to agree to wear underwear before we put a movie on. Another day you hit me and got put in time out for 2 minutes. It took another 20 minutes for you to say sorry. I asked every few minutes or so but you refused for what seemed like forever.

I still love you fiercely my boy. You have been so fun to watch grow up and I look forward to watching you forever!

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