Monday, July 4, 2011

fourth of july.

We had lots of firsts this 4th of July! I am happy to be sitting here on my couch watching fireworks from my family room window. My house is messy which is a sign of some good family time, the boy is snoozing away, and hubs and I are ready to crash. Today was a good day.

We went to our church's 4th of July breakfast this morning (got there late no food left had to go to Mcdonalds instead!) It was nice to see some friends for a bit. Ryan had his first attempt to win over a girl. He sat next to her AND gave her a flower, she is even 2 years his senior. Go stud!
Ryans first shop lifting experience at Safeway. I KNEW those carts with the little toy cars attached to the front where no good. I couldnt see what he was doing, I am just glad I caught it and we had a nice little talk before we left the store. 

MY first time ever buying fireworks. Yes I know its a little anti American but I just never dipped my toes in that water til today. I was so overwhelmed I had no clue what to get and some nice little old man made some okay suggestions. Okay, because hubs and his dad went back to the stand mid lighting this evening to buy better ones ;) Thanks guys!
 Ryan's first try with fireworks as well, he slept through them all the last 2 years! My little pyro is hooked. He was obsessed with them all day and kept asking if it was time to light them and the frustrated when he had to wait for Daddy to get home, AND dinner, AND grandparents to come over. Sheesh mom.

I love sparklers, something about them just always makes me happy! Ryan loved them too. But even more than the sparklers he loved the ones that went "shooom and boom" Here is him explaining just how that goes..
Since he still doesnt talk much most everything is like an interpretative dance and we are left to guess what the heck he is reenacting. Lucky for us we nail it 99.9% of the time, we have no language barrier and it rocks. 

Maybe my new favorite picture of Monkey which is hard because we take hundreds a month. But this one melts my heart. Another first today was a sunburn. He got a little pink last summer but he is RED tonight. Thats what you get for swimming nakie in Yia Yia's pool little dude. It worked out in the end because after a bath I lathered him up in coco butter and then we were both anxious for some cuddles. I love it when my baby smells of summer. 

PS. we were featured over at The Mommy Matters last week, she loves us and we love her. Go check it out! 


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Mrs. T said...

So sweet. :) Looks like you guys had a great fourth of July. :)

Heather M said...

Sounds like the perfect 4th!!! Im soo with you I love sparklers and the sweet smells of summer!!! Great pictures!!!!

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