Sunday, April 3, 2011

From woman to mother.

Watching the picotin drip, drip down in the I.V. Hearing the strong and constant whooshing of him swimming around in his mama's safe, warm, perfectly round belly. This will most likely go down as one of my favorite days. Next to the one where I laid on stark white operating table and heard the sound of my first born son's cries for the first time. There is nothing more powerful, nothing more magical than the site of a mom breathing through every second of a contraction. The pain is strong and overwhelming but the knowledge that this pain is for good, for life, is what gets her through. As mothers we will go through what seems like the pits of hell to bring our children into this world and we will never stop fighting for their freedom and their salvation til we, or they take their last breath.

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I was chosen to be here for my best friend in this transition in her life. She is stronger and wiser than she realizes, she was made for this- to be a Mother. Her son is one of the blessed to be raised by her. Her gentle and intuitive spirit will be a sounding board for him in this life. Combined with the love and support of strong Father this sweet boy will do and be great things.

We have been in room number 3004 for nearly 10 hours now, the pain of each contraction and the ones following getting stronger and stronger. Baby boy inching closer to making his grand debut with each passing tick of the clock. With her water broken and still medication free she is trekking along much better than I would be at this point. Aaron is an anchor for her today as he always is. I am watching him hold her hands and her face- brushing her hair back with his steady, strong voice. Counting 1,2, listen to my voice, 3, 4. I know she will look back with different memories of this moment I am watching right now. Her body is writhing in pain and yet she seems untouched. She is so strong, she is going to endure this and most likely do it again someday. I just had the privilege to hold her hand during a few long contractions. It was sweet of her husband to let me share in that moment. Its something incredible- this bond we have as women. When she opens her eyes and mine lock on we can do this. We have both grown babies in our bellies and our hearts. My delivery was much different from hers yet I have this comfort that I've been there before. She is no alone nor am I. We are super women.

The epidural is a gift from Heaven. After hours upon hours of mind numbing pain some sort of sweet relief is available. Her labor stalled at 7 cm so she went back on the pitocin, poor mama. I was honored to hold her left leg and breath through transition with her, her husband and her mother in law. All of us working together as a team with Rachel, the midwife, to bring this sweet life into this world. After 2 hours of hard work this little white slippery body floated out and into his mama's arms. I wish I could explain the love the flowed freely in room 3004 at that moment. Mommy and Daddy looking at each other in pure shock, and then back at their baby they made together. Uriah Aaron was here, turning blush pink, and lungs filling with oxygen. Each little cry brought more and more comfort to the nurses and loved ones in the room.

8lbs 5 oz. and 20 inches long born at 11:15 pm April 2, 2011. He is perfect.

Skin on skin, or kangaroo care- truly a miracle. Baby Uriah was a little unsure about being outside of his mama's womb as to be expected. She created quite a lovely temporary home in there. As soon as he was placed on his mama's chest his stats started to rise again. He was with her once more and could feel her safe loving arms cradling him. He took to breastfeeding like a champ and the new family is doing well. I will have to pry myself away from them soon to go home to my baby whom I miss so much now. Yes, this was one of my most favorite days, ever.

Uriah is lucky, to be born today to this family, in this faith. He is one of the chosen to do the Lords work upon the earth and I can not be more proud of him!


Shawntae said...

This was beautiful! Your writing is soo awesome. What a awesome gift that they let you come be in there with them.

these pictures are amazing!

Short Leg Lucy said...

This is awesome!! Nicely done, Lauren! Love the pictures!!

Courtney K. said...

So beautifully written! ANd the photos are absolutely fantastic. They will cherish these for eternity. :)

The Currs said...

Lauren! You were in Rexburg?! This hospital is my home away from home! (I'm an L&D nurse there!) I'm sad I didn't run into you there, that would have been fun to see you! Beautiful pics! Love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Love your site man keep up the good work


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