Thursday, April 21, 2011

About me part 1

Polos, Pearls, & Pacifiers

Stephanie from Polos, Pearls, and Pacifiers started this 100 things about me and it was too fun not to join in. She is such an awesome blogger you better go check her out! 

1. I was almost named Ashley! Like minutes away if I remember the story correctly but a baby next to me in the nursery was Ashley so they went with Lauren and I am glad they did.
2. Speaking of names I love mine and my sisters names. If we didnt have them I would probably name my daughters them.. Lauren, Leah, and Hannah. 
3. My hair has been every hair color known to man. black, brown, red, blonde, and even a shade of maroon. Red is my FAV but it never lasts long in my hair 
4. My first car was a rodeo, then a camaro, and now a pontiac. There are songs written about every car I've ever owned and I didnt even plan it that way. 
5. I got my eye brows waxed for the first time when I was 12. It was time and I am glad my mom realized that. I am a bush man. 
6. I also started shaving my legs when I was 9. Bush man remember..
7. I have had nail polish on my toes non stop since I was in elementary school. You will never see them naked. 
8. I was obsessed with baby dolls as a little girl, I had them in my room til I was 12. All I ever did was play mommy.
9. I also had all my childrens names picked out when I was young, Ryan Douglas was not on any of them, neither is my little girl name!
10. I have always wanted to be a NICU nurse.
11. If I got paid to blog and facebook stalk I would be a billionaire by now I am that good. 
12. One time I was singing in the shower at the top of my lungs and some of my Dad's construction workers were outside and I didnt know the windows were open. Oh yeah embarrassing!
13. I have moved somewhere around 20 times in my life. I have lost count!
14. As soon as I took the pregnancy test with Ryan I knew it was a boy, his name was Ryan Douglas, I knew what he looked like and I knew I was going to have a c section. Weird.....
15. Just like Shawntae, I love pealing sunburns. 
16. I have never seen ET or the Goonies. Some people are really fascinated by this
17. Also that I can see myself having like 10 kids. For real.
18. I am still scared of the boogie man under my bed. I wont hang my arm or leg off the side and I still run and jump.
19. I bite my nails when I am stressed/anxious. 
20. I do all sorts of things as a mom I never thought I would- hello candy!
21. I can flip through TV channels and tell you whats on every station even if I dont ever watch it
22. I am really bad at doing my own makeup. I always rush and its sloppy if you look close
23. I try on 5 outfits before I can actually leave the house
24. I am not a pet person but I try I have had cats, dogs, fish, and a turtle. I hate it all.
25. I have always wanted an Americana themed family room and I finally do. I love it :) 

If you read all of this you are either crazy or you love me. Either way thats awesome. I ran out of things so wait for more in the coming days! 

I have our Easter outfits all planned out I can hardly wait to show you. The boys have matching ties and I have new wedges to wear.. 
They are beautiful. 

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Andrea said...

Awesome~ I learned Some Cool new things about you! You Should be a NICU nurse!! Go for it girl.. That has been my dream since I was little, playing doctor..( on my stuffed animals..) Cute Shoes!! Cant wait to see them :) and the Boys matching ties :) xo

ps.. I bite my nails to.. Something about me.. I have had Solar nails -fake nails for SO long.. this is the first time is.. um.. years that my nails are Bare.. It's a new trend for me.. But I am with you about the color.. YOu and me both need GIRLS.. I am not having 10 kids though... No

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

awesome list~ I too try on half of my closet before I can leave the house!

Kandace Lewis said...

Cute wedges! Where'd you find those?

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