Friday, April 22, 2011

pee on the patio

Today my boy became a man. To me one of the defining characteristics of being a man is the ability to urinate just about anywhere, standing up. Today thats just what my boy did. And for the record, boys are gross.
We were outside on the patio like always, just hanging out catching some rays when Ryan stopped, pulled off his pants, ripped off his diaper, and peed. Right there, on the patio. Oh em gee I about died. First off we are not camping, we were not even on grass! The kid cant keep his underoo's dry for 15 minutes yet he has the bladder control and awareness to pull off his diaper to go potty.
I swooped him up and ran to the bathroom, cupping his boy parts as to not get tinkle on my carpet- it did not work- there was a steady stream from the door to the toilet. Sure enough by the time we got there he was signing all done and asking for his treat.
He taking his SECOND bath right now, how in the heck does he get so dirty?
For the rest of the day I could not keep clothes on him to save his life. So he is in underwear or just naked! He will most likely be this way til October when it starts getting cold out. I love my free spirited child.

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Kandace Lewis said...

I duct tape the girls diapers before naps and bedtime and they still manage to strip naked. If nakedness is what their little heart desires than apparently naked they will be.

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