Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letters from Ryan

Day 1
Dear Mommy and Daddy,
   Today was a long day, but I had fun.  We had a really long drive, but I was SO good!  You would be so proud of me.  I played in the backseat almost the whole time, and took an hour and a half long nap.  My favorite things to play with (besides Cousin C's and Aunt Jen) were some hotwheels cars, the big blow up punchy balloons, and my cars magnet board.  My favorite snacks were Cousin K's puffies, crunchies, fishies and POP corn (I say it so cute!).  My least favorite things about the drive included my lunch from McDonalds, and the last 15 minutes. 
   When we got to Aunt Jen's house, I got to run around and play and eat some yogurt for a snack.  I was a little hesitant of Uncle Ben because I don't see him as much as Aunt Jen, and of course of Pepper, but it only took about half an hour to get used to them.
   All in all, it was a fun day and I was the best almost 2 year old ever!

Day 2
Dear Mommy and Daddy,
   Today was a quiet day, but it was fun.  I got up at 6:45 and watched some tv while Aunt Jen helped get Cousin C off to school.  After she left, I picked some breakfast (blueberries, grapes, apples, and a string cheese) and played with toys.  My favorite toy of Cousin K's is a ball popper with an elephant on it.  It shoots the balls up in the air and it was hilarious.  I got dressed, and played, and we went to Cousin K's 9 month check up appointment.  Boy, is she getting chunky!  She is up to 17 pounds now.  At first, I was nervous, thinking I was there for the doctor to look at me, and I didn't like it.  But after staying in the corner and watching the nurse weigh and measure baby K, I realized it was ok.  My favorite thing to do there was spin the doctor's chair.  Who doesn't love to do that??  (Aunt Jen sent a picture)
   When we got back from the doctors appointment, Aunt Jen bundled me up and I got to play in the snow in the backyard.  She was NOT happy to see snow this morning, but I was!  It was so fun, but cold enough that I only stayed out for about 7 minutes.  Aunt Jen took some pictures and will send those, too)
   Lunch was a peanut butter and honey sandwich, and when C got home from school, she played with me a lot.  I have so much fun with her.  We took her to gymnastics and went over to a friends house of Aunt Jen.  The friend had a dog, but as soon as Reggie the dog was locked in a bedroom, I was happy and played with all of the toys.
     After a dinner of pasta, Cousin C gave a family home evening lesson.  I sat on Aunt Jen's lap as long as she slowly (well, a lot slower than I wanted) fed me robins eggs whoppers.  I watched while C, Jen, and Ben played a wii game, and then we had brownies for dessert.
   It was a fun day, and I am used to Pepper the dog now.  I don't care if she is by me for the most part, and even touched her willingly this evening.  I will write you another letter tomorrow.



Courtney K. said...

These are so cute!! Gah. I just want to hug him, he's so precious. Hope you're enjoying your down time!

Heather M said...

Oh I LOVE this!! so cute!!!! I hope you are enjoying your you time!!!!

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