Saturday, March 26, 2011

baby vaca

As of tomorrow I will be a free woman for about 10 days. Monkey will be headed to the wide open spaces of Idaho to play amongst the snow frosted tumble weeds with his cousins. He could not be more excited! His Aunt and her girls have been here for the last week hanging out and offered to take Ry back with them!

I am driving to Idaho to be there when my longest and bestest friend Hillary has her first baby! After Im done getting some sweet cuddles from her little boy and taking oodles of pictures I hope to swing down to Utah for the day or two then go back and take Ryan home with me- if he isnt too mad at me and/or is willing to leave his cousins.

What to do with no babe?! I dont leave on my voyage til Thursday! I hope to take naps, catch up on some tv shows, finally use my hot yoga passes from groupon, and scout out some sweet new photography places. Maybe I will even catch up on my photo a week project. I PROMISE I will finally get around to painting my toes.

As of now I am giddy with excitement. I am sure this will fade by tomorrow evening and by Tuesday I will be crying over his absence. He will most likely be living it up playing in the back yard and sharing snacks with baby K.

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Courtney K. said...

Enjoy your little mommy vacay! Get some extra sleep, watch lots of grown up TV and relaxation!! :)

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