Friday, November 12, 2010

18 months

Today, we went on an adventure.

Poor boy has not had a lot of mommy time lately and I have been feeling bad. He has grown up so much the last 3 months and I feel like it happened and I didn't even notice. 
He can sign/speak over 15 words and is starting to put them together in sentences
he insists we pray at least 10 times a day
when he nods yes its SO big that I feel like his head might fall off
he peed on the potty 
can do forward rolls over the couch
walk up the stairs
got another hair cut
wear size 6 shoes
goes to the nursery at church and only screams for a minute
loves to carry all 3 tag blankets around
still a great eater
tells me when its time to go "night night"
reads to his baby doll
still loves sitting in his bumbo chair, go figure
will only eat with a fork or spoon, no more hands
kind of getting over not breastfeeding anymore
steals money out of my wallet and puts it in his piggy bank
knows how to say "MOM" just right it makes me melt
can make the sounds/signs for pig, monkey, fish, and elephant. 
is obsessed with the microwave and anything else he can turn on and off

I love you big boy, you are amazing. Thanks for putting up with me when I wasn't feeling good and only laid on the couch. Thanks for sharing your blanket with me and covering me in kisses everyday. Thank you for bringing such a sweet spirit into our home!


Penny said...

wow, how stinkin' cute is he? Seriously!

Mandy said...

Aw!! I love that he still sits in his bumbo! So cute.
Happy 18 months!!

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Aww so sweet!! Love the pictures!! Where were you at??
Happy 18 months!! Enjoy nursery!!

Shawntae said...

oh my hell! I am in love with him! He is doing so many cute things that I just want to squeeze him and give him a kiss. Kingston loves the microwave too & he doesn't sit in his bumbo but he insists on sitting in his bouncer still. My oh my our boys would be bestest friends.

Happy 18th months cute little boy!!! we love youuuu

Stef said...

He is adorable! Ahhhhh Nursery! I love that place!!!

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