Friday, October 1, 2010

friday confessional

its been a long week lets all sit down and laugh that one off.. let your hair down, kick off your shoes... but for the love of pete, keep your pants on. If you are my mother you shouldnt read this, there is mention of sex.

  • my SON has 2 baby dolls that he shhh's, rocks, sings, burps, and gives kisses too
  • he wants to take them out in public but they are our "stay at home toys"
  • I am waiting for the day he nurses them too
  • he also can put bobby pins in my hair and use a makeup brush
  • he wont wear a hat but will wear a headband all day long
  • this is evidence that the hubs works too much
  • we need more testosterone in my house
  • but there will be no baby making anytime soon
  • because I found out today that my migraine medication has a side effects no one told me about
  • 10% chance of birth defects
  • feeling blessed right now
  • the hubs not so much
  • most birth control's have a side effect of cerebral swelling which for the normal person is fine, I am not the normal person
  • so cant have a baby.. risk is too high
  • cant go on the pill my head will explode...
  • you know what that means
  • I believe the term I heard today was "glove before you love"
  • yeehaw baby.... wait no baby, thats the point.
Your turn, time to be real... remember that? Air out your dirty laundry for all of us to read and then laugh at til we pee our panties. 
Ok maybe that only happens to me...
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Kellie said...

"Glove before you love"...hahaha...never heard that one before! Hope the medication does it's job and gets rid of those headaches.

Stephanie said...

hahahaha I love your blog! It made me laugh and is so adorable! Looking forward to following you! :)

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