Saturday, October 2, 2010

$50 Fred Flintstone feet

We just got back from the mall. Yes its Saturday, so yes I am nearly insane for thinking that was a good idea. I left with 3 Nordstrom balloons and a very short fuse. I think that people at the mall.. and by people I mean grungy little teens, dont have eye balls because if they did then they would see me coming and not walk right into our stroller. 

Ok back on point, monkey just had a growth spurt and I have noticed that his shoes are getting tight so I wanted to go measure his foot and get new shoes. Easy task right? Wrong, oh so very wrong.
We started at Payless which I knew was hit or miss. I feel like you have 2 options- shoes that arent shaped like real people feet or buzzlight year Velcro shoes. Neither one suit my fancy so I was hoping for the rare moment when I could find his size.. in wide and they were actually presentable looking. Ya know, matched his polos and chinos. 
Epic Fail.
Next was Old Navy, I remembered seeing cute shoes on our little friends from there.
Epic Fail #2. I couldnt get his toes in the things. Hello fred flintstone feet!
JC Penny's was also a fail.
dun dun dun. Nordstrom. Land of the gorgeous, home of the everything-costs-a-small-fortune.
After picking up 2 balloons and flirting with an older girl (10 years his senior, way to go champ!) we got measured only to find out that he was a size 5 1/2 almost a 6. 
So he hasnt been wearing 1 size too small but almost 2- awesome, make yourself feel like a good mom, moment happening right here!
I specifically said to bring out anything in a WIDE in his size UNDER $30
Nice shoe gal brings out a sweet pair of kicks, Monkey literally jumps for joy at shoes with support that fit great. Price tag-
*what the crap*
Now I am in a dilemma. These were the only shoes in the WHOLE mall that fit his awkwardly large piggies and yet 50 bucks for shoes that he will wear for 4 months? I can barely stomach it. But after a long talk with my mommy we both agreed that this was my only option. You do what you gotta do. So now instead of lots of cute shoes to choose from he will have 1 good sturdy pair that he will wear the heck out of.

I still dont have the shoes though. I am hoping for another option, til then he will wear slippers everywhere.
So if you can find us a good shoe in a 5 1/2 wide that doesnt cost an arm and a leg I will sing your praises and send you a sweet thank you card cause after spending all that money a card is all I will be able to do.
I was so bummed that they gave us another balloon, bringing the count to 3. 
That was a fun ride home.

UPDATED- The reason this is such an issue is its really hard to find half sizes for toddler feet, and then to get that in a wide, I have never seen half sizes til Nordstrom, but I will be checking online and at 
tj maxx/ross, thank you for all your suggestions!


Chelsea said...

Seriously, even kids shoes are expensive!!!

Celeste Amanda Owens said...

We get all our little boys shoes at Target they are fairly priced and they are cute and can go with most anything so look there or you can check like shoe carnival if they have one there or famous footwear they usually have good sales or Burlington coat factory they have tons of cute shoes there. Hope that helps!

Kellie said...

Have you tried Ross or TJMaxx? They often have good brands for way less than the mall. You could also try eBay- type in the brand name of the shoes you found at Nordstrom and see what pops up in his size.

Lauren said...

thanks for the advice, not alot of stores carry half sizes which is the big issue so target and places like that is out of the question, I will try tj maxx and look online.

we ended up getting a pair from nordys and will hold on to them if we cant get something else.

Tiffany D. said...

Maddie had wide feet, I was able to get her quite a few shoes from Target, Payless, and Famous Footwear(back when she was my only child and I could afford multiple shoes!) Many times, I'd have to buy a size bigger just to fit her wide foot. Now my bigger challenge... Chloe not only has wide feet, but they're fat too! NONE of Maddie's old shoes fit her. Dang! I'm really stuck with her! I'm back to buying wider shoes, and in a size or two bigger than her foot! What a joke!! Thank goodness for warm weather, she lives in her flip flops and summer. Not sure what she'll do for the winter, maybe she'll live in her rain boots! :)

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