Friday, September 3, 2010

{friday confessional}

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I am a worrier. I have been since I was little, and about everything! Its amazing I have not lost my mind..
oh wait. I have.

My current worry is Ryan, well obviously. Not in the traditional sense however. I worry that he is too loud, too wiggly, too annoying when I am in public. For example.
Grocery store
That dang street faire 
My friends houses 

well not you guys that have little kids, the ones who's kids are all grown and you dont have to childproof anymore and arent used to the "busy-ness" of toddlers

You catch my drift. I feel bad when we are at church in the adult class (my son is a few months shy of nursery still) and all of you guys are sitting there KID-LESS enjoying your hour of peace and quiet to yourself and here comes my little wiggle worm climbing up your lap (stu hardy) and wanting to color with you or just plain being loud. I am never sensitive of it when there are other kids around and its not just us thats being distracting. But I feel bad when I bring my son into your quite/relaxing adult time
-hey grocery shopping alone can be relaxing-
and ruin it for you. Most of the time you planned not to have your kids there, you got a babysitter or something. But yet BAM here we are :)

Everyone tells me not to worry about it but I just feel SO bad. I have seen the way people roll their eyes when other kids are being obnoxious and I guess I never want to be the reason that happens. So I always get up and leave or have stopped going places because he is with me 90% of the time, the other 10% he is sleeping. 

I want to stop worrying about bugging everyone and being obnoxious but its still so hard and I feel so bad! Even though we were all kids once and most of us have kids.
Go figure.
Maybe its just because I have come across some R-U-D-E people that I am now paranoid

after some feed back I guess its that you have all payed your dues when it comes to little kids and so I feel bad making you relive the *fun*


Lindy Leigh said...

I have 2 little twin girls who have lived at my house for over seven years now. I had one and my daughter or hubby had the other one in church and everywhere. I taught preschool for 10 years. I can handle the toddler :) He won't be a toddler forever and 18 months will be here before you know it.

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Stop worrying!! Stu loves to color!! haha!!

Ben & Jen said...

Sis, how you feel is totally normal for any parent who tries to be a parent. You know my 9 year old... I STILL do that with her. Try to imagine HER as a toddler! (Much like my little guy is now). With your own children you have supersonic hearing and eye sight to see all the no no no's and things those rude people could possibly get annoyed with. However, I have learned that they are kids. With personalities. Be grateful. Some kids are truly lumps who just sit there doing nothing. HOW BORING! (Told you how the lady w/ a girl same age as goose thought she was SO naughty at Ry's age CAUSE SHE MOVED AND GOT INTO CUPBOARDS AND TOUCHED THINGS! heaven forbid. Her baby didn't crawl until 18 months and was SO boring). I LOVE having an adventurous one. Another thing I have learned... there will always be rude people. Ignore them, make a snarky comment, smile and say good day, whatever. Just don't take it to heart. Laugh when the old ladies come up to you in the store and say "You know what Grandma would have done in HER day!". Do as I did and say "Grandma wouldn't have gone to jail for it" and watch them huff and walk away.:) Pretty soon he will be able to charm them just as he does me. Love you!

Kristen said...

Ok...first off, Lauren you are a wonderful and considerate person for even worrying about others. Second, you have EVERY RIGHT to bring your child with you when you go to the store, to church, or anywhere else you need to go. And third, there will always be people that have to roll their eyes or glare or comment. As if this helps the situation any and is real mature. You can either ignore them (on a good day) or comment back (on a not so good day, lol). OR you can take me with you, point out the others reactions and i will comment for you and I promise it will make you feel better. :)
Life is too short to worry about things that you cannot control. Ryan will be so much smarter because he is able to go places and see things. He is super smart already and you dont get that way from sitting at home all day doing and seeing nothing.

Kristin @ Domestically Disabled said...

I love your confession! I have recently also started with the Friday confessions. I sympasize with your fear of birds..for the last time I saw a snake I wet myself, my fear is so deeprooted that I am afraid of WORMS! anyhow Cute blog..Im a follower!

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