Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going back

Mama's Losin' It
Taking the writing challenge with Mama Kat this week!

10 things I would love to go back and do differently-

  • taken school more seriously and go on to graduate college. I would have made one sweet Ped's nurse!
  • payed attention in photography class when my parents bought me a spendy canon rebel 35mm. The teacher was great I could have learned a LOT
  • ran more. I hate running but I love the way runners have butts and legs. I think If I ran more I would build up a tolerance to the hatred. I feel its too late for me now.
  • I would not have been so darn awkward in grade school and junior high. High school was better I was home schooled! Its embarrassing to look back, I like to pretend those years did not happen to me. I am much cooler these days trust me ;)
  • better at long distance friendships. there are some great people I have just lost contact with it makes me sad
  • pushed myself harder in gymnastics. I had a horrid fear of the balance beam that totally held me back. I was also a bit lazy in the beginning, not so good. I love coaching now however that is the best job ever
  • saved more money!!!!!
  • wrote that final paper for D.A.R.E. in 6th grade. I didnt and then wasnt aloud to "graduate" the program. my mom found out and it messed up her whole day. I was grounded the entire summer. It sucked
  • dated classier dudes. It all worked out fine in the end I have an awesome hubs but the road getting here was a train wreck of "awesomeness" 
  • that reminds me, I wish I had a not given my heart away so many times and kept all my secrets to myself. Mom was right. 
That was relieving. I thought that the list was going to go on forever but I had a hard time thinking of many regrets. I guess I have lived a pretty good life! I am feeling very lucky/blessed right now. 

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Mandy said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier. How funny...I could have several of your "done differentlies"! Running for one thing, your thoughts are one of the very reasons I'm willing to torture myself. I keep telling my friend that we're going to have the hottest butts and legs in the company! It's never to late to start, I'm 34 and figured "why not"...if we can go through labor, we can do anything! At least that's what I keep telling myself. Really enjoyed your post as well!

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