Sunday, August 29, 2010

daddy's day off

 its good to be back

The hubs works so hard, so when he has some time off we like to play. 

1st on the list was

oh so yummy... will monkey love them as much as mommy does?

first taste

I approve.

I love my daddy

because he makes me laugh

We also broke out a new pack of crayons and make some great pictures

and had olives with dinner, daddy put them on all my fingers!

I love it when daddy is home

I had so much fun at the street faire on Saturday and have lots of projects on my mind now, I saw so many things that I could restore and do myself. I also have a few things that have been sitting and begging at me to finish them. Hopefully I can buckle down this week and get them done
 I will post some pictures.

I did make 2 purchases though.. I picked up some horse shoes for Ryans room and a super cute picture frame that Ry has been walking around with. We taught him how to peek his head through and say CHEESE!
it comes out "eeeese!"

1 comment:

Jess Craig said...

i love krispy cremes!

and also, that iggy is my bestfriend's. she hates that dog.

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