Friday, May 31, 2013

Weston | 16 months

It was so fun to do monthly updates the first year, then he turned 12 months and I stopped! I miss it. He is changing so much and if I dont write it down I will forget it. 

at 16 months

finally weighs 20 lbs!

wears 12 month clothes

size 4 diapers since that was what I buy for Ryan
cloth diapers every now and then, they stink all the time no matter how I wash them so it's really ruining the fun of it all for me

sleeps a solid 12-14 hours every night, its heaven
in between 1 and 2 naps a day, naps well too. this kid is an incredible sleeper

HAS HAIR. I am never cutting it. 

has 11 teeth and working on the lower eye teeth- its hell for him and he's miserable


becoming a picky eater and gets mad when I give him a sippy cup instead of one with a straw BUT still has 2 bottles of milk a day, one afternoon and one before bed. I will kick that habit by the end of the summer. he was really under weight since 9 months so they wanted me to keep it and do half heavy cream

favorite foods- hot dogs, cereal, oatmeal, and pretty much any dinner I make, the longer it takes to prepare the better chance he'll eat it. meaning, he likes yummy adult food

hates alfredo sauce??

says mama, baba, dada
signs more, all done, waves bye, and wash hands

has no clue where his body parts are- I am failing
can follow basic instructions- get me the cup, go get your shoes, toss the ball
tries to color with crayons, would rather eat them

still OBSESSED with his taggy blanket and wubanub pacifier. we started making him leave them in his bed for nap time in hopes to wean him off the pacie by the end of the year

daddy his his favorite, also his best friend Brie

loves playing with cars, balls, and random mardi gras style necklaces 

wants to brush his teeth and wash his hands/face all the time

can finally climb down the stairs at our house without giving me a heart attack 

loves to read books

still riding backwards in his car seat and will be for another year or more

I have a feeling he will climb out of crib soon :/ 

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