Friday, May 31, 2013

stuff ryan says vol 10

changing the title to stuff Ryan says.. but whatever that's not what matters.. here's the good stuff..

(after squeezing weston and rolling around on the floor really rough with him) oh sorry mom I thought he was my puppet

the girls love green, yes they do! boys like red. no one else likes the other colors.. but pink and purple and blue.

weston makes some serious crap

why did you have your freaking out face (what are you talking about?) in the store, i saw your face, it went like THIS (shows me a huge smile) why did you make it do that

please call me Antonio, that is my new name

that girl on your phone, (siri) the one we are talking too, does she play music too?

when I grow up I'm going to be a daddy, a rockstar and a power ranger!

the girl on your phone said the power rangers will be here in a minute!

"my mom is mean.. she won't let me be a power ranger or a monster.. la la la.." (in a song) 

I would like microwaved toasted microwaved toast with cinnamon cereal for breakfast please.

HURRY my baby needs a dr, check his blood pleasure! (pressure)
I need to have my protein first... ya know, like sprite. 

will you put lotion on my nipple tattoo so it sparkles

I made a CD player and it only plays music I like

I LOVE beat boxing, it is my FAVORITE sport

cows lay milk..

says everything is "kickin" 

in the bath- "I got moves like JAGGER" then dances.........

OH mom it looks like you are painting the enchanted garden, here, let me show you how to paint Daniel tiger

Hey mom did you know Weston and I are in a club, its called the SUPER BABIES

and now a conversation we had, for real. 


Me: you dont have boobs, and even if you did I don't like you saying that. You know how butt isnt a nice word and we call it a bottom? Same thing, you can say breasts, chest, pecks... chest is probably best.

Ryan: UM mom, I can't call it a chest....

Me: why not

Ryan: because then you would think I was talking about water chestnuts and you would be SO confused 

you're welcome. 

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