Sunday, November 18, 2012

almost weaned?

I happily breastfed Ryan for almost 18 months and expected to do the same with West, however with a super distracting brother around and not enough quiet alone time to devote to it we are losing steam. I have also gotten 2 periods already which I didnt get for over a year with Ryan and my body can't make milk and ovulate at the same time I guess. I have struggled with a good milk supply for a few months and keeping him full enough on me and table food alone. 

I started adding formula which he happily took and slowly, almost without me noticing we are down to only nursing twice a day- morning and night. 

I am actually really sad about this, I wish we would keep nursing longer but I really think that our days are numbered here. I am not going to stress myself out trying to up my milk supply and just let it rides its course and try to make him cuddle with me still. But I will say here and now, I don't like it one bit!

I wish he would stay my little baby a while longer. I realized today that his birthday is almost a month away and it's time to start planning his party! I decided on a theme and I am excited to start pulling things together and share with you the fun details.

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