Monday, October 1, 2012

weston is 9 months old

Here we go, another month. Nine is a big number for me! He has now been in my arms as long as he was in my belly. He is still mild mannered and sweet as can be. He is perfect for me and for this family. 

at 9 months- 

wears 9 or 6-12 old navy size clothes
95% cloth diapering with bumgenius 

walks along everything
climbs up stairs

takes 3 naps a day and is in bed roughly 12 hours a night. this last month he started waking up a ton at night, every 2 hours or so- it's been rough but its from having a cold and teething
sleeps on his side with his favorite taggy blanket and his wubanub pacifier 

breastfeeds and takes a bottle of formula every day
we kind of skipped the whole baby food phase and went right to table food- he has 3 meals a day
feeds himself with his pincer grasp and eats everything in sight
chugs sippy cups full of ice water

has discovered how funny it is to crawl away laughing when I am trying to pick him up
laughs at everything
gets super bashful when woman smile at him

got FOUR top teeth this month! they all came in at once and it was h.e.l.l. but we survived. 

gets startled easily. I have to warn him by whistling or saying hello before I open his door to get him up, otherwise he will get spooked and hit his face on the railing of the crib. 

starting to cuddle again and gives the best hugs 

loves to lick daddy's face when its scruffy.. weird much?

loves to talk to ryan when they are in the car

possibly moving him to a bigger car seat, rear facing. 

hates to get dressed or have his diaper changed and fights it so hard

also fights getting his nails clipped- at that moment my 9 month old is stronger than me and hubs combined. 

started wearing shoes! It sounds silly when I put it that way but I never put shoes on babies until they start walking around, he has been doing it for a while but I finally broke out the massive box of boy shoes and pulled out all the robeez!

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