Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Preschool is going great. I love my two mornings a week to get stuff done without the helping hands of a three year old.

Photography is amazing. I love my business, I love my clients, I love that it gives me a creative outlet and I so desperately need.

Weston got into some nasty sleep habits, waking up every hour or so at night. It all started with a cold and then getting 4 top teeth and now he hasnt broken it and I fear I will have to sleep train him- I am not a fan of it but he needs help getting back into a good groove.

Ryan still wont #2 on the toilet. Oh my dear heavens I hate it.

My hair feels like its growing again. Yay!

I think I am still worn out from my trip to Idaho a week ago. I have a constant headache and I am on a caffeine kick that I can't break. Must have diet coke.......

I wish my house was clean all the time.

For once in my life I don't have baby fever. If you know me well, this is pretty much crazy talk. I always want a baby. But for now I am quite content with my 2 little boys and feeling very happy with it being just us for now.

I went to target twice today. Two different locations too.

.'s are awful.

Sometimes I feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, they hurt so bad and I have muscle knots the size of Texas.

I had a night full of amazing dreams last night. I am always a vivid dreamer and they stick with me throughout the day, so I welcome the happy ones because I have too many nightmares.

I get to see my mama this weekend :)

We found a caterpillar in our yard and he is now our new pet, even though Ryan is terrified of him.

Got Ry his superman costume for halloween and he wears it daily.

Went on a pretty sweet hike on Monday  We are not outdoor-sy people but it was a nice change from the normal mundane day to day.

It finally feels like fall and I get to wear my boots again.

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