Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the land of sleepless nights

The littles are up around 7.
Weston takes his usual naps
Ryan doesnt anymore, I can maybe get one every other week or so, and if he does he plans it so nicely that he is asleep the exact amount of time that his brother is awake.
Ryan goes to bed at 8
Weston at 9
by the time I am done doing a combination of:
taking a real shower- the kind where I am childless and can shave my legs without a 3 year old smacking my butt and laughing
working out (rarely)
tackling house projects
working- editing, emails, marketing, phone calls, prepping client galleries
blogging here
catching up with friends on facebook...

its about midnight. I go to bed every night when I can't keep my eyes open anymore and my body is so tired it hurts to move. There is always 100 things that still need to be done too.

Then about 10 minutes after I lay my head down and fall asleep the kids start tag teaming it.
Weston wakes up for a feeding
Ryan has finally pooped and needs to be changed
he also requests a snack of some sort
both need to be rocked and cuddled back to sleep and then wake up a few times before they are out

its 2 am and I finally sleep.

Start it all over again at 5 am.

Good morning at 7 am. 

And its all mom-sleep. The kind where you have one eye open and can still hear every little creak and every ruffle of blankets. never deep, always on guard ready to fly down the hall and soothe kid 1 before kid 2 has a chance to be woken up by crying. 

Guys, I am beat. 

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