Thursday, October 4, 2012

about me part 2

Confession time- I am really bad at following through with things I start. Not with my business, and not with the things that really matter.. but the little things. Weston's photo a week meme, courtney's 31 days of truth, and stephanie's 100 things about me, pretty much all painting projects and most DIY projects, all photo themed challenges as well. Well I just ranted about how I don't have enough sleep and here I am 1:08 am and wiiiide awake. Let's tackle one of these bad boys and check it off the list.

From Stephanie's 100 things about me, here is part 2. For part 1, click here.

26. I am so white. I can't keep a good tan to save my life. I spent 5 months in peurto rico and was looking nice and brown after months of working at it by the pool and it was gone a week later. I am learning to embrace my ivory skin.

27. I listen to music pretty much all day. It bounces back and forth between a carefully crafted Ingrid Michaelson and Lady Antebellum stations on pandora.

28. I have lots of feelings and most of the time the are pretty intense. I am elated, depressed, exasperated, overjoyed, blissful, heartbroken... never just good or bad.

29. I wear my heart on my sleeve, what you say and how you treat me matters a lot.

30. The older I get the more I hate my freckles, please just go away and leave me with smooth beautiful, ivory skin.

31. I am driving my dream car right now.. its a minivan. ooh how times have changed.

32. I could eat mexican food every day for the rest of my life and love it.

33. I love being a boy mom and think I would actually survive if I never had a daughter.

34. I see beauty in the plain and mundane things.

35. I am a home-body and would love to curl up on the couch with a blanket and a snuggle buddy all day.

36. Big decisions scare me and I cry every time. aka buying the van.

37. I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

38. I get disappointed far too easily.

39. I dream every single night and remember them the whole day. Sometimes thats good and sometimes bad.

40. I have a list of pet peeves from here to China.

41. I could sleep on flannel sheets all year long

42. I get car sick, even if I am driving

43. I write songs and I want to learn to play to guitar- bucket list item!

44. I type ridiculously fast, half the time my computer cant keep up.

45. I love, love.

46. Wicker Park is on my top 5 favorite movie list and I bawl the whole time, every time.

47, I would love to spend 2 hours cooking a gourmet meal every night for dinner. I obsess over the latest issue of Bon Apetit

48. I have had my ears pierced since I was 8 but rarely wear ear rings

49. I have pretty strong beliefs and opinions about everything but I usually keep them to myself and love you even if you're thoughts are different from mine.

50. I miss my long hair. I didn't realize the emotional attachment I had with it and don't feel pretty anymore.

51. I tend to complain more than I should

52. Sometimes I like to be alone, but as a mom that rarely happens

53. My favorite color is white- it has been since I was little "because it goes with everything"

54. I hate coconut.

55. I love going to rodeos and wearing cowboy boots. Country girl at heart.

56. I love antiquing

57. I get scared easy, I hate anything that might spook me.

58. I crave salted caramel flavored anything.

59. Panera Bread is my favorite comfort food restaurant

60. I miss living in Utah
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